Welcome to the Web pages for TELL-IG, Technology Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group with CATESOL, California and Nevada Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages professional organization [catesol.org]

(Taken at 2018 Annual CATESOL Conference in Anaheim, California)

Our interest group is dedicated to finding the most effective, easy, and fun ways to incorporate technology into the language-learning classroom! Whether you are a “newbie” or an expert, come join us as we work and learn together in this exciting, fast-growing, and ever-changing field.

Our Goals:

To alleviate some of the fear associated with technology
To educate our fellow teachers on ways to use technology to enhance language learning
To gather and evaluate resources that can be used by our members and members of CATESOL
To share our knowledge, experience, and expertise in order to better understand and utilize technology
To be actively involved in both the regional and statewide conferences

ESL English Teaching and Learning Resources


Please check out CATESOL News for the most up-to-date information and a variety of resources, not only about educational technology, but all aspects of teaching English to speakers of other languages.


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